Wireless validating identity unable to find certificate

SSID-ul(Service Set IDentifier) este numele rețelei wireless emis de router-ul tău TP-Link. Asigură-te că LED-ul WLAN este aprins sau că se aprinde intermitent, verifică în setările Wireless daca router-ul este configurat să emită SSID-ul.

wireless validating identity unable to find certificate-6

Or choose an alternate option if required.e) Click OK to close out.

If you have problems connecting to eduroam, see ' Do-it-yourself and fixing problems' below. If your connection is not successful, you may need to install the CAT file described above, or follow the more detailed instructions for your device below.authenticate.uk The first time you use eduroam at Brighton you may be warned or asked to trust our security certificate. If asked, you should select select Trust, Accept Connect, or Continue to use our security certificate Make sure you turn off the option to 'automatically use my Windows logon name' As mentioned above you can ignore the warning not to trust the security certifcate authenticate.uk - click Connect (and not Terminate) to connect to the wireless network After accepting the security certificate you may be asked to enter your password to save the change.

This is the password for your computer and not your university password.

if you fail to connect first time, instead of selecting eduroam from the list of wireless networks, try selecting Join other Network...

I cannot get WPA2 enterprise to work on my network. Windows Domain, using IAS and its own CA Linksys WAP200 Access Point I setup the AP to use WPA2-Enterprise Mixed using RADIUS I setup and registered IAS on the domain controller.