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Also Read: Gay Talese Rips ' Actor That Ruined' Kevin Spacey's Career: ' Jesus, Suck It Up!' While all three patients described the treatment as rigid, they said some rules were routinely broken.The paper said Weinstein has sought treatment at The Meadows.Also Read: ' House of Cards': What Happens to Next Season With Kevin Spacey Out?“When you arrive they make you sign a form that states that you can’t have sex or even masturbate,” the realtor said. But people were definitely hooking up.” The Meadows did not respond to The Wrap’s repeated requests for comment.Two of the three said they had stayed completely sober since checking out, and the third had had brief relapses but has reclaimed her sobriety with help from the tools she gained at Meadows.“If you go in there to get your wife off your back, you’re not going to recover,” the movie marketer said.

“It was one step up from a college dorm,” she said.“It’s absolutely real,” a third former patient who was treated for food and alcohol addiction told The Wrap.“They’re really strict.” Meals at The Meadows typically consist of a generic salad bar, a main course and a dessert served cafeteria style. That was one of the happiest times I ever had on a set, 'cause you never forget your first. So by the time I got turned down on the fourth, they said, "Why...This was my first biggie, and all the singing and dancing and .