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Then it cannot factory because there is no reset point. Have had this laptop for a month and the audio jack does not recognize microphones within headsets of any sort.

All this while trying acer online chat 6 times being dis connected twice and left in the queue for over 10 mins when I'm first in line and told my wait is going to be 58 seconds. Best Buy refuses to do anything and it will take at least 2.5-3 weeks to get it shipped to Acer to have them take a look at it. Have an issue with the audiojack (and inputs not detecting microphones) and customer support was utterly useless.

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What really ticks me off is the audio jack, which is located on the right side, and it's not unusual for left handed people, except you got the CD on the same side and opening it next to a wire hanging around can get pretty annoying. Brand new computer crashed when I first started it up and had to reset.

Then it skips the entire start up procedure and locks me out because "other user" has a password. Have to return the laptop on July 6th because the laptop has encountered an error and it was just looping the boot sequence to the same message that it has encountered an error and would ask you to select restore point which I cant select a restore point because it's newly configured laptop or repair pc or continue anyway which doesn't make sense..

The following week it went on sale for 30 off at 729.99, up until Nov 23rd. This product arrived exactly when they said it would. I was holding out on Windows 10 for the longest time on my old laptop, but haven't had any difficulties adapting, no problems with anything. The screen is crisp, and the trackpad and keyboard are very responsive.

I checked on sept 19th as I did not receive my order yet.I'm not happy for talking with 2 unprofessional workers. I got the Acer home and within 2hrs I was up and running with everything updated and working as advertised. The performance is fine - connects fine to Wi Fi, quick response when using applications, copying files from an external hard drive to the machine took no time, installing applications was quick.Their voice and the words showed me that their job is just to pick up the phone and kick out customer. I bought this laptop because of the mix of screen size and Processor. I will admit the spacing between USB and other ports is tight, but manageable. I use it mostly for Word, Excel, internet browsing and connecting to work via Citrix.Don't bother calling customer support all you hear is "thanks for calling customer support" Then silence. Sure, the specs are good but I recommend buying a laptop elsewhere. Apparently the best solution they have is to buy something with a USB jack. Please do yourself a favor and NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP.Now I have to be without a computer for 2 weeks even though I need it for school for it to be sent for repair. This laptop has 3 USB ports, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0. Above that, the display flickers and goes black when in use and the trackpad is rubbish. The mouse/trackpad area sucks, its slow and jerkey, I've only had the laptop for 20 days and its failing already, of course Best Buy will not take the machine back after 15 days, so I'm screwed and ripped off This is probably the most frustrating computer I have ever owned. Do yourself a favour and buy something, anything, else.