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The two were photographed getting into a limo together.The young model has been hailed as a role model for those with vitiligo, a rare skin condition characterized by portions of skin losing their pigment.Ten years after her diagnosis, the girl has completely changed her outlook and has become entirely more accepting of her skin condition, in big part thanks to a remark from a loved one who expressed enthusiasm for her skin.'Someone I know closely once looked closely at my marks and exclaimed, "Woah!However, while some of my interactions with people can be said to be frustrating, I’ve never had real personal insecurities about my vitiligo, and especially not with regard to dating.I was curious about the offer to be part of what was described as an educational and uplifting documentary casting its second season, but during the phone conversation it appeared to be the case that they wanted to tell a story of me from a starting point of insecurity, self-doubt, and struggle.focusses on people with a variety of concealable medical conditions navigating the dating world, and is part of the growing trend of faux-inspiration television that rely on us buying into society’s outdated notions of the "proper way to be".

For years, the girl felt insecure, and on her blog explained she felt like an 'outcast' and a 'misfit'.

She started drawing around her marks, adding colors to turn them into the famous logo, a sweet ghost with a heart, a version of Planet Earth, or a little snail.

Meanwhile, after trying many different types of treatment, Kartiki has given up on trying to alleviate the vitiligo and doesn't view it as an issue anymore.'After so many medications ranging from allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic and what not, I have happily given up the fight of ever getting my color back, which has somehow made me stronger,' she wrote.

I love the dual skin tone colour you have." That seriously bewildered me,' she recounted.

Before she could fully understand the remark, the person went on to say about a mark on Kartiki's left foot: 'In fact, that patch actually looks like the Apple logo.'The attention and comments left Kartiki feeling 'a bit vulnerable' at first, but she eventually realized that her patch of skin did, in fact, bear some resemblance to Apple's fruit.