Updating mangos

From what I'm hearing from my contacts, getting the code to handset makers and carriers in time to get the Mango release to market for holiday 2011 is still the goal.

I also noted previously that the goal with Mango was to deliver HTML5 support for Windows Phone 7.

* When you hit your 7 day cap we'll give you mango credit back.

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You can set both the mininum credit balance and the auto top-up amount. top-up online or in a trentbarton shop If you don't want to set up auto top-up, you can top your mango up with credit through your online account using a debit or credit card.

It's easy and simple to keep your mango juicy with credit; auto top-up The fastest and easiest way is with auto-top up.

You can enable auto top-up on your mango account when first create your account or on the top-up screen.

First, you need to create a mango account before you can buy or register a mango.

create your account Once you've done that you can buy a mango and transfer funds to it online.