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I also picked, with a “pick” sack made from a flour sack.

The United States of America (USA) was coming out of the depression years.

Many staples such as sugar, lard, gasoline, vehicle tires, rubber goods, etc. Everyone experienced the rationing of goods and services.

Food was grown in home gardens, and scrap metal and cans were collected to meet war-time needs.

Looking back at life through the prism of your twilight years can provide a comforting perspective on the experiences of your life as well as the experiences of those you have touched during your journey.

The prism consisting of the current state of society; local, state, national and international mores; politics; and your experiences can be a confusing labyrinth of disjointed paths which, even in your twilight years, make you wonder how you arrived at your current position in life. However, if your journey has been guided by faith in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you know that He is always there and wins in the end.