Up dating bathrooms

Those who are wheelchair bound need sinks at chest height rather than waist.

Those who have limited mobility need even more specialized adjustments.

It simply means you should select something that someone else is likely to enjoy as well.

Next, figure out where you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

I can verify what Chris says about nickel faucet finishes: no one tells you that they tarnish, but ours went from golden silver to cloudy brown in just two weeks!

Here are some more things to look out for when updating a bathroom on a budget.nyone who has ever undertaken a home renovation knows just how difficult it is to stay on task, on time, and perhaps most importantly, on budget.

However, bronze is more high-end, and therefore, more customized (not to mention, more expensive), so you may be better served by one of these current crowd-pleasers: A note about nickel: Nickel finishes tend to oxidize rather quickly, making faucets look like tarnished silver.

Make sure you keep the surface clean, and occasionally touch it up with a low-abrasive polish.

And the financial benefits are two-fold: the fixtures themselves are relatively inexpensive, and by equipping your bathroom with the technological advances provided by newer, eco-friendly and efficient fixtures, you can save water, energy, and money on your utility bills every time you flip a switch or twist a knob.Think about it – whether brass and acrylic or rusted and corroded — one glance at a sink or showerhead reveals the decade from whence it came.You can’t go wrong with new water efficient faucets, especially those that have been stamped with the Water Sense seal of approval.When you want to stretch your dollar in a bathroom remodel, less is more: rather than ripping out your tub or gutting the room, simply replace your fixtures.Updating your bathroom fixtures is a great renovation decision for many reasons.