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Administering a global digital group like this doesn’t come without its difficulties.For one, Victor said for every dozen applications he gets, he only accepts four to six.“I have been in a few races when somebody has split their tri suit around the bum after catching it on their bike,” explains Jonny.

Triathletes like a chin-wag “The bike section is the one when people talk to each other,” says Ali. But if you are trying to get other people to come through and do some work at the front of the group, you might be saying something more angry.” 10.“When you start running off with your bike the elastic bands stop the shoes spinning around so it is easier to get your feet in them.” 8.You can get lost “During an open water swim it’s easy to lose your direction,” says Jonny.Triathletes smell like babies “It’s good to put on some lube under your wetsuit so I tend to use a lot of baby oil on my arms and legs,” confesses Ali.“It stops you chafing and helps you get your wetsuit off after the swim.” Jonny has another baby-based tip: “If you put talcum powder in your shoes it dries your feet out after the swim. I’m not even sure it actually works but I do it anyway.” 5.