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We’re not just talking the staggering increase in time spent on social and messaging apps in 2016 (Yahoo, June 2017).

As of March 2017 it had saved USD 500 million for its users. And yes, AI-fueled personal assistants, and all the expectations they give rise to, are key here. The pressure will be on to ensure a joined-up experience. A luxury brand launching a product line with a street artist. For millions around the world, soaring asset prices, stagnant wages and high youth unemployment have put the traditional staging posts of adulthood – buying a house, starting a proper career – out of reach until they are in their 30s and beyond.Nearly 20% of 28 to 37-year-old men in Shanghai are unmarried; in 2005 the figure was 12%.Meanwhile, 40% of Shanghainese in this age group say they have cohabited before marriage (Fudan University, June 2017). The answer lies in the news ways of living that millions of consumers are now deeply immersed in: think digital superpowers, the sharing economy, co-working spaces, on-demand lifestyles and more. Gather your team and ask how you can offer some ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT to your customers in 2018.’ Meanwhile, 78% of consumers say they retract loyalty faster today than they did just three years ago (Accenture, February 2017).Hardly surprising given customers are constantly beset by offers of free trials, slashed prices and seductive perks. 🙏 Design forgiving offerings that adapt to changing needs before your customer switches to a competitor 🙏.