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A similar point of view was expressed by former head of the research center at Egypt's Nasser Military Academy, General Gamal Mazlum.According to him, the conflict could go on, but it is unlikely to enter the military phase.Iran, with which Qatar shares a natural gas field in the Persian Gulf, and Turkey, which has a military base in Qatar, have sent deliveries of food and other supplies to Qatar by sea.

The suspected rapist was expected to appear at the Letlhakane magistrates’ court yesterday (Thursday) to answer for a single count of rape.

"It was said that the CIA had monitored the plot in detail and had opposed it." Mujtahid continued that Bin Salman and Bin Zayed had trusted (US President) Donald Trump's Tweets without realizing that Pentagon and other security centers would not accept such plans.

"The Pentagon also conducted a joint military maneuver with Qatari forces in order to abort the coup." He reiterated that the Qatari troops at the Southern border of Saudi Arabia are regarded the best military forces of that country and the plot organizers believed that their absence in Qatar would weaken Qatar's defense system and make their mission easier.

According to the scenario, the Saudi and UAE forces were planning to stage a coup in Qatar by occupying that country in cooperation with Blackwater security forces and give control of the country to a sheikh from Al Thani family who would support Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

He noted that they cancelled their plot in the last moment after the US interference.