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It was great for the senses because of the material they are made from and the colors, the popping sounds when pulled apart.

They weren't a loud toy with minimal ways to play with them like so many others.

It could be a bit challenging for small children to open with their little fingers.

The container itself is also a little challenging to repack with the Squigs after dumping them all out.” These were recommended to us by our granddaughter's preschool teacher and she was so right. They are easy to hold, make a popping sound when released from a hard surface, colorful, and can be put together in so many ways.

We'll do everything in our power to insure that you receive what you ordered AND in time for the holidays. Connecting to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface - Squigz are a species all their own. This is a great toy to build strength in the hand and arm because they have to engage both hands when playing with this toy.

If we can't, we will communicate that to you well in advance so that you can make other arrangements. Also, naming the different colors for speech and promotes imaginary play.”“He enjoyed these because it was something that he could play with for a LONG period of time and could keep changing the way he played.

This year, they made a stop in the tiny island community of Saint Michael. This should give you the confidence that not only is the item in stock, but we actually have "N" number of units available to ship.If a product is listed as "backordered" or "currently on order", that means that we are waiting on a shipment from the manufacturer.This isn’t Porg in the passenger seat in the Millennium Falcon.This is one family in Lafayette, California celebrating Christmas like any Star Wars fans would..building a life-sized Millennium Falcon on their roof in honor of the Last Jedi being released.