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Not one person who knew both Hill and Thomas believed Hill.

Even wacko feminists and eunuch “feminist” males didn’t really believe Hill. (Some women were NOT to be believed: The ones telling pollsters they believed Thomas over Hill, 2 to 1.) After years of this sex panic, with men being sued for telling their secretaries “you look great in that,” feminists finally got themselves a genuine sexual predator with President Bill Clinton.

Left-wing men, from senators to hippies, treated women as subjugated beings and sexual playthings. The Supreme Court granted constitutional protection to the most vile forms of pornography.

Hollywood dumped the Hays Code, and promptly went pedal-to-the-metal on movies showing the bright side of the sexual exploitation of women. Teddy Kennedy let a girl drown at Chappaquiddick, after driving with his lights off to avoid detection on the way to a late-night extramarital liaison, and then didn’t report the accident for hours, passing houses with their lights on, while he tried to construct an alibi, ending with him asking his cousin to say he was driving.

There have been tectonic shifts in Americans’ attitudes about sex, but the idea of thanking someone by sending him a prostitute with a note in her vagina is of relatively recent vintage. ) (For Larry David fans, Evans’ birth name was Robert Shapera.) These are the major epochs in American sexual history: 1607-1968: Women in America were treated better than any place else on Earth, at any time in history.

1968-1991: Manson Family values swept the nation, with the rise of the Worst Generation.

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