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References to the tribe still abound in Chowchilla, and until 2016 the town's high school used the moniker "Redskins" as their mascot.The first post office at Chowchilla opened in 1912, Chowchilla made national news on July 15, 1976, when 26 children and their school bus driver were kidnapped and held in a buried moving van at a quarry in Livermore, California.Three public school districts serve the residents of Chowchilla and the surrounding area, as well as one private school.Chowchilla Elementary School District (Grades K to 8th), Alview-Dairyland Union School District (Grades K to 8th), and Chowchilla Union High School District (9th to 12th grade) make up the local public school system.

There is also a private school, Chowchilla Seventh Day Adventist, serving K-8, located 4 miles south of town.

The driver and some of the children were able to escape and notify the quarry guard. The quarry owner's son and two friends were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. It receives an average of about 12 inches of precipitation per year.

The wettest months are January, February, and March with March being the wettest.

In January, the high temperature may drop as low as 45 °F (9 °C).

During the summer, when there is usually no rain, the temperature may reach as high as 110 °F (43 °C). Chowchilla Wye is planned to be the point where the California High-Speed Rail's main spine splits into two northern branches, one traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area, and the other continuing north to Merced.

Married female madera california dating teacher