Maillog not updating updating ubuntu 6 06 6 10

Prior to Postfix 2.6, the response is hard-coded as "450".Do not change this unless you have a complete understanding of RFC 5321.An undefined parameter value is replaced with the empty value.The expressions "$" and "$" are replaced with "value" when "$name" is non-empty.Default values are shown after the parameter name in parentheses, and can be looked up with the "postconf -d" command.Note: this is not an invitation to make changes to Postfix configuration parameters.Unnecessary changes are likely to impair the operation of the mail system.The numerical Postfix SMTP server response code for an access(5) map "defer" action, including "defer_if_permit" or "defer_if_reject".

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The "" is required for "value1", optional for "value2".This is the default with Postfix version 2.6 and earlier.Specify a location in a file system that will not fill up.This feature is available in Postfix 2.1 and later.The time after which a failed probe expires from the address verification cache.