Live cougar cam

Meanwhile, I’m learning about new—and unexpected—dimensions of cougar ecology and social behavior, the effects of hunting seasons that target cougars, and the cats’ relations with other large carnivores, namely wolves and bears.

Among my previous assignments were stories on jaguars, snow leopards, and a national park in India— Kaziranga—that may harbor the densest tiger population left in the world.

When hooked up with an external webcam, you can even turn Air Cam into a home surveillance system.

Simply point your webcam to the location you want to monitor, and receive live video feed on your i Phone/i Pod Touch/i Pad.

Where could a boy and girl cougar meet to start the newest population in the Midwest or East? The real question is: Are people who haven’t lived near cougars for generations going to allow some to stay in their midst?

I’m still racing among scientists, wildlife managers, sportsmen, and homeowners in a search for answers.