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for computerised packages, you would still be required to enter the date received/paid, details of income/expenses, cheque number/paying in number, the amount and also what category of income or expenses the transaction should be analysed to.transactions that are recorded in the cashbook must be supported by documentary evidence (see section on records that need to be kept).bookkeeping bookkeeping is the basic recording of the business transactions. the right hand side of the cashbook is used to record the income and the left hand side records the expenses.these transactions will usually be recorded in the cashbook and petty cash book. in both instances there will be a total column with several columns to the right, which are used to analyse the income or expenses into categories.this provides a trail so that if you need to check entries in the cashbook, these can easily be traced.if there are any transactions for which the documentary evidence is inadequate, you will need to make enquires to find out exactly what it is. receive a remittance advice from the pct with no details.

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the total of the analysed columns should agree to the total of the total column.the accounts are also required so that the gps can declare their profits to the inland revenue.other third parties may also be interested in the accounts such as bank manager and mortgage lenders.the role of the practice/finance manager will include dealing with the finances of the practice.they will need to maintain the books and records, which will be used to prepare the financial accounts.