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Documents which are more general and do not concern the understructure or superstructure per se or particular part thereof should be classified in this group.Agricultural machines or the like where the driver walks behind the tool, e.g.In order to get a classification in B62D 21/15, the understructure should have features, e.g. Beam elements which form part of a self supporting vehicle body are referred out of this group to B62D 25/00, e.g.B62D 25/082 for longitudinal beams in the engine bay to which sub-frames are attached.doors, roofs, side panels, bonnets, engines, gearboxes, etc.should not be classified here, but their attachment to the body shell.Deformable bonnets are usually for motor cars - such documents should be classified in B62D 25/105 even if the application it is not specifically mentioned.

Possible areas for this subject matter are program controlled manipulators B25J 9/00; gripping heads in B25J 15/00; manipulators in general B25J.airbags, bonnet lifters) are not classified in this group, they should be classified in B60R 21/34 and subgroups.For vehicle doors, including rear hatchback tailgates, see B60J 5/00.the welding of sheets to form a panel) are not classified here; neither are documents concerning the attachment components which are not part of the vehicle structure, e.g. This main group does not include railway carriages or motorized wheelchairs or the like. Bonnets or lids are classified in B62D 25/10 or B62D 25/12; mudguards in B62D 25/168 or B62D 25/188.Please note the definition of cycle as being a vehicle on which the operator sits (e.g. B62D 47/003 means that the structure should be convertible to modify the number of seats; not that the seats should simply be removable (for removable vehicle seats see B60N 2/00).

Joining accommodating unbalancing tracking and boundary making