Is updating his facebook status dating on oahu

The most important website of this century had given birth to a completely new step in the millennia-old tradition of finding another human to dock genitals with for a few decades until you die.

But it seems "Facebook official" isn't what it used to be.

We do, however, wish the social media super users a lifetime of happiness together.

Using the Facebook App Using the Facebook Website Community Q&A You’re in love, or out of love, and you want to shout it from the highest mountain peaks. You can quickly change your relationship status using either the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook website.

Or: I’m still angry that my mom wouldn’t even let me pierce my ears until I was 23 years old.

," asking people whether or not they display their relationship status on their Facebook profile, and some of the social etiquette around it.The whole scene was captured on tape and posted to You Tube, so you too can check out the nontraditional altar activities of the newlyweds.While all of us at Mashable are very avid Twitterers and Facebook users, updating our status at the altar might fall outside our comfort zone.Only 11% of respondents were over 30, and 14% were high-school age (14 to 18). So consider that these results are MOSTLY about twentysomethings. Also, please keep in mind that this poll was in no way scientific.Take it for what it is: a large sampling of Facebook users who self-reported their habits in a Buzz Feed News poll designed to be entertaining.