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Sites are compressed by Opera's own servers, so neither your mobile nor your data plan are involved.

If you want to know exactly how much data Opera Mini has saved you, there is a graph that shows data usage over the last five days and compares this to what you would have used without the browser. Opera Mini suggests articles and apps to check out in its Discovery section, which can be refreshed with a tap of a button.

Postpone downloading large files until you’re on Wi-Fi and resume downloading files automatically if your connection is disrupted.?

Save data Use less mobile data compared to other web browsers.

And, an updated look, with less clutter and hassle, removes distractions and lets you focus on a superior browsing experience.?

Browse simply Opera Mini’s simplified settings, gesture controls and swipe support mean you can navigate the web more intuitively.?

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You can personalize it, so it shows you content that matches your tastes and interests.

Unlike the latest desktop version, Opera Mini doesn't support extensions.

If you want a more all-singing, all-dancing web experience then try Opera Browser for Android instead, which doesn't compress pages like Opera Mini, but which supports HTML 5.

Opera Mini is still one of the leanest mobile browsers around, delivering pages quickly but not skimping on features.