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It takes a lot of practice to become good at volleyball.

Club provides an opportunity to improve your skills all year round. You're more likely to make the high school team if you play club.

Some clubs have funny and clever names while others sound intimidating and exciting...

Tryout Tips Would you like advice on how to make your middle school or high school volleyball team?

College coaches like to recruit players from great club teams. Just like most club sports, club volleyball can be very expensive. The most expensive clubs will cost between ,000 and ,000. Most club teams will play in 8 to 10 tournaments a year including a national qualifier.

If you play on a winning team, you're more likely to be recruited because college coaches want to recruit winners. It can cost as much as 0 a year to play on a team that doesn't travel. However, a good thing about many top level clubs is that they will guarantee a college scholarship. Most teams are practicing 2 to 3 times a week with tournaments on the weekends. If you decide to play club, you're going to be playing a lot of volleyball.

Students are not to wear clothing, buttons, patches, jewelry, make-up, face/body paint or any other items with words phrases, symbols, pictures or signs that are indecent, profane, or substantially disruptive, including items that are reasonably expected to intimidate other students on the basis of race (for example KKK, swastika, and the Confederate Flag), color, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or religious affiliation.

“The new policy gives our staff permission to ensure that the learning environment in each of our schools and in each of our classrooms is free of intimidation and distraction with regards to dress and symbols of speech,” Writ said in a statement.

Are you looking for unique suggestions and ideas for club team names?

High school coaches want their players to play club.

Players that play club will get much needed experience and improve their volleyball skills.

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