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Furthermore, while she was not unattractive—she had a good bone structure, a cute face and huge…

tracts of land—she was at least twenty pounds overweight, so several of my followers started calling her fat. She started sending pictures of herself to me in an attempt to prove she overrate her intelligence, she was unwilling to accept that maybe, just maybe, she had made some poor choices in life.

More importantly, the idea that men should find female intelligence is as preposterous as expecting them to find hermaphroditism sexy.

A girl’s most important aspects will always be her beauty, her charm and her willingness to please, with intelligence so far down the list that it might as well not be the list.

Despite her vaunted “smarts” and her belief that she can “do anything,” she doesn’t major in math, engineering, computer programming or any discipline that requires actual work.

No, she picks a soft major like English, education or ethnic studies, where there are no standards and you can pass any nonsense in for a grade so long as you sound authoritative.

That is the modern “intelligent” girl; an intellectual vacuum.

IQ testing has consistently shown that while men and females have the same mean intelligence, men have a wider standard deviation while females cluster around the middle.

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One of the most dangerous delusions of modern America is the idea that girls are desirable because of how smart they are.

In layman’s terms, this means that there are more intelligent men than there are intelligent girls.

At the same time, it also means that there are more men then unintelligent girls, which is why the short bus tends to be a sausage fest.