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A friendly, weekly, 30-minute chat on the phone can make all the difference.While we're waiting to find a suitable match, we carry out regular, short Good Day Calls with them, to bridge the time gap.We can try and arrange for you to make the call at another time that week.If you don't let us know, then your telephone friend may be worried about whether you're OK or not.Call in Time is a free telephone befriending service for matching volunteers with older people.Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating, particularly if you're used to sharing your home and time with others.Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that build confidence and inspire women to action.With more than 250,000 members, Kappa Delta offers lifelong support for leadership development, personal growth, academic success and community service, all in the context of true friendship.

Hollywood hunks are often in their 30s, 40’s, and older.

So I find it hilarious when I see women hate on older men for chasing younger girls when often find older men sexy. It’s easy to critique others for their desires but when we look at ourselves, we suddenly get a free pass. And so many women are fed up dealing with “immature boys” and prefer to date older guys. Did you consciously choose to like those qualities throughout your life? That’s why I think calling someone shallow for their physical preferences is ignorant.

Those guys tend to earn better wages and therefore be better providers. They’re more cultured and have more world experience. And thinking young women are sexy falls into that category — you have nothing to be ashamed of.

If you're really struggling then please let us know and we'll talk you through the options available.

If you can’t make your call then please let us know.