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) did take to social media praising the incident and according to the latest reports, there is still no clear connection to ISIS.Eventually, around 3 days later, an online website, the “AMAQ News Agency” claiming to be ‘the media arm of ISIS’ claimed credit for the attack in Nice.This is a commmon practice employed by security services in both Europe and North America (see a list of such individuals later in this article).

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Although French officials insist that Bouhlel was not on a terror watch list, he was apprehended and to authorities (and in their data base) and could have perhaps been used as either a confidential informant or placed under the supervision – to coordinate a potential sting operation in a future intelligence entrapment event.

As of the end of last week, police were still trying to determine whether this artful dodger Bouhlel, a suspected terror operative, had any accomplices in carrying out the attack – especially after initial reports claimed there may have been a second gunman.

Amazingly, any mention of an accomplice was suddenly dropped by French police and media.

It is believed she was in the process of divorcing him at the time of the attack, amid claims he beat her.” “Despite a criminal record dating from his first conviction in March this year, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was not known by French or Tunisian officials to have links to terrorist organisations and was said by neighbours to have had little apparent interest in religion.

Based on this, Bouhlel does not fit into to any ‘terrorist’ profile at all. Interestingly, even though Bouhlel had a long criminal wrap sheet, Paris prosecutor François Molins claims that he was something which is unlikely considering how quickly French authorities and media assembled his terror-criminal profile immediately following the truck assault in Nice, France.