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The trance was broken by a loud crashing sound coming from the direction of the kitchen.11159 words | 40 minute read You remember that freaky movie The Ring?

Chat.mp3 is the textual version of The Ring — and a lot freakier.

Apparently mine and R’s fakes were previously engaged with 2 children.

Upon doing some further research we discovered some scary stuff.1900 words | 7 minute read I won’t lie, this story freaked me out for days.

I just wanna give it a try then after that I'll turn off my laptop. I was astonished when someone pop like that, But I continued to chat with the person.

So since I have my laptop and a broadbrand, this is the only website I can chat with.

I was ready to turn off the monitor, when a pop-up came up, a link saying “Webcam”, nothing else. Now it was slamming itself into the door with full force. 1140 words | 3 minute read Internet chat rooms can be full of weird people, so when you meet someone sensible, you head straight for them like an island in the middle of the vast ocean.

In that spirit, think you can craft a six-word horror story with a tech angle?

My friend asked me about a website that you can talk to strangers, its called "" I've never heard of it before so I tried it out. After I type that I felt stupid for asking the person with such a ridiculous question.

A little digging showed the author had a fake profile too, and there was an entire online community of all her and R’s friends.

I’ve heard of creating fake online boyfriends As soon as she sees me, her face goes pale and she sends a link through to another fake profile with my picture.