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That brings us to Apple’s newly announced updated i Touch (an i Phone without the phone part or an i Pod on steroids). This is very cool technology but just like drunk drivers can turn cars into something dangerous kids can turn Face Time into something dangerous.

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The porn industry has already jumped on the Face Time technology by setting up two-way video sex chat services.

You could tell she was a true exhibitionist who was very aroused knowing hundreds of men were watching her.

She took some time to gauge what her viewers wanted to see and catered to their requests. Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to perform and keep tabs on all your viewers at the same time.

After quickly discovering it was neither of our phones, the only logical conclusion was this: The IPad was ringing.

My wife had just purchased her brand new Ipad a week ago or so, and usually just puts it to sleep; she doesn’t turn the power all the way off. Naturally I said, “someone is Face Timing you.” So my wife goes into the bedroom, turns on the light, pics up the ringing Ipad with an incoming Facetime call on it.