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“It was kind of a thing that came together,” she said, satisfied with the end result in the film.Chriqui also said it helped that the film’s director/writer, Sebastian Gutiérrez, knew what would help the sexy brunette cut loose while straddling Palicki’s tight midsection.

Elektra’s porn star buddy Holly Rocket (Palicki) and prostitute Bambi Lindberg (Chriqui) are on their own journey while vacationing in Mexico. Chriqui explained that because the shoot for the entire movie was only 15 days, there was not a lot of time for preparation for the sexy girl-on-girl dance.

In that film, Holly was still crushing on Bambi but hadn’t quite realized it yet to act on her feelings.

One good thing to come out of that experience was a shorthand that developed between Chriqui and Palicki, who will go from porn star to superhero when she takes on the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming TV reboot. “It was one of those things that was incredibly meant to be.” Chriqui admitted that the two actresses were, perhaps, too caught up in acting (and grinding) together and failed to figure out how good their chemistry was until they were off the set.

“I remember when I was living in Vancouver, it is so overt. Crackheads, heroin addicts, prostitutes — it’s right there.”One shocking thing to her was the gorgeous women who were a part of this dark underbelly.

“I remember always being fascinated seeing these beautiful young girls just hooking on the streets. Why aren’t they modeling or why aren’t they working in a club somewhere? ’ I think that’s always fascinating and Sebastian uses this as a really interesting backdrop for these women but at the end of the day we’re just learning about these women who just happen to be porn stars and strippers and dancers and all the rest.”In fact, while shooting , Palicki was the one who noticed a spark that shone from her dark-haired co-star and even commented on it, according to Chriqui.

Emmanuelle chriqui dating now