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Author's Note: So, this is my story for the Winter Holidays 2014 Contest - better late than never!I'm still relatively new at posting on Lit and I just want to say I appreciate all of the feedback.Own up to your behaviors, and be understanding about how those behaviors have made your partner feel. Be honest with yourself as to why you made the decision to cheat. Just as a heads up, my stories tend to take time and build up to the "heat" if you are looking for a "down and dirty" type of tale that jumps right into the sex - this one might not be your cup of tea. ‘The bags would be packed, my mum would be looking after the kids.’ Jake Quickenden did it just weeks after leaving the X Factor, so it’s definitely possible. We built a great friendship.’ She admitted that she had a little cry last night after she was voted out – not because she got the least amount of votes, but because she’s going to miss everyone in the house. ’ ‘If they wanted me tomorrow I would be there,’ she said excitedly.

If you have an argument, try to fight fair without bringing up the past. Your relationship may not look the same on the “other side,” but it is possible to build something new.It was during moments like these when she questioned if working out was worth all this pain.She stopped her own mental complaint with a cluck of her tongue. Besides, she was proud of the way she looked since she had fully committed to going to the company fitness center every morning..if only her husband would actually notice. A little encouragement from her spouse would have been nice.Of course this story includes sexually explicit material and is intended for adults, so if you are not at least 18 years of age or are offended by sexual material, stop now and run - do not walk - to the nearest exit...thank you and if you don't mind, please remember to vote. Best Christmas Present Ever Amy finished entering the last of the data points from the invoice on her desk with a final tap of the keys.