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Prom Night is better than most slasher movies, mainly because it's funnier." The soundtrack of Prom Night includes several disco songs which are featured prominently in the film's prom scene.Originally, the film was shot with the actors dancing to then-popular tracks by Donna Summer and Pat Benatar, but, according to Zaza, the publishing rights to the songs were far outside the film's budget.Under orders from producer Peter Simpson, Zaza wrote a series of disco songs over a five-day period, closely copying the original tracks that were intended to be used in the film.

Lou's severed head rolls down the runway and onto the dance floor, sending the prom-goers fleeing in horror. As they prepare to escape, they are confronted by the killer who attacks Nick but not Kim. Although he obeys, the killer collapses, as he is already dying from his head wound. Director Paul Lynch developed Prom Night after a meeting with producer Irwin Yablans, who had previously produced Halloween (1978).Their parents will also attend, as their father is the school principal.Kelly, Jude and Wendy begin receiving obscene phone calls from an unknown figure, while Nick ignores his ringing phone.However, they only wanted to open it in 300 theaters whereas AVCO Embassy Pictures offered to release it in 1,200 theaters.AVCO purchased the film at the Cannes film market in May 1980 (Paramount, instead, released another independent slasher film, Friday the 13th, which premiered two months before Prom Night).