Dating men with baggage husband joins dating website

The reason so many reality TV shows feature 20-somethings doing 20-something things is because all you have to do is add a little alcohol and you pretty much have the soap opera that is life in your 20s. You never hear girls talk about wanting to be with a guy, except, “without all that boy drama.”When a guy is going through stuff, or just dealing with life’s roller-coaster twists and turns, he’s “becoming emotionally mature." If a girl does the same thing, she has “too much baggage.”But, why not date a girl with baggage?

A girl with baggage has been through things; she has dealt with making tough decisions and overcoming great obstacles.

There are people out there who are manic depressive, or suffer from clinical depression, are alcoholics, drug or sexual addicts.

Everyone has baggage, but as we get older and wiser, we improve and grow as hopefully, over time we learn from our mistakes.

Also, while there are men who make the mistake of straying once but are basically faithful, there are certain men who will always be unfaithful.

Additionally, a healthy sex-life is vital to a good relationship, and it is important that certain problem areas such impotence and matching sex-drives are dealt with, for people who truly love each other.

We can banish our baggage and leave it behind, or re-pack the luggage and move on.

If you can’t, then you’re not ready for a relationship.