Dating in havana

The new square was known as Plaza Nueva (New Square) as opposed to the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Vieja (Old square).

Well into the 18th century it came to be called the Plaza Vieja, as opposed to the Nueva Plaza del Cristo.

It is sensitive to the tone of your voice - harsh words will only upset the Havanese and achieve very little.

Given a patient and supportive environment, Havanese will amaze you with how quickly they learn.

Havanese are gentle, non-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs that are great with age-appropriate children, as well as most other small pets (including our cats and chickens).

When only the best Havanese or Russian Bolonka will do, come and see for yourself the excellence of R'Gang Havanese!

If you plan to leave your Havanese alone for any length of time on a regular basis, we strongly encourage you to adopt more than one.

The Havanese is a highly intelligent breed that is easily trained and competes well in agility and obedience fields.

Our adult Havanese can easily walk two-three miles, or go hiking with the "big dogs".

While they love to go for walks and outings, their exercise requirements can also be met in the average size yard and inside your home.