Dating for cancer patients uk

I pay more attention to his current lifestyle choices and his health now. would you cross the road after seeing an animal get hit or killed? Yes, I live in a fantasy..that's how I'd like the world to be. I mention my cancer history after a few dates, giving those who would run from it a chance to do so before I get attached to them.But then there are those who say "no problem" and think they mean it, but then can't or won't deal with the emotional and physical consequences when the cancer becomes active.I don't ever want to get close to someone again and then have them turn on me when I'm so ill, because it's a devastating feeling.*felinity..warning heeded.thank you so much for your candor. I was never told that it is or can be a fatal disease.pretty much took it all as just a pain in the *ss.than a serious disease.I went through life doing what the doctors told head was buried in the sand all that time.I can have a stroke or a heart attack at any given moment.I don't put this on my profile..before I meet someone.. I have other complications caused by this the case with alot of diseases.

He said he did not want to see me anymore because he couldn't take my "clingy neediness." I almost fell on the floor. You will hurt them more than you know if you can't be supportive when their cancer recurs. I was diagnosed at 11 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.In another situation some years ago, I had a few dates with a man, and things were going well. I had not gotten to the "I'm a cancer survivor speech" yet. I invited him over and calmly told him that I needed a simple surgery to remove it and that I'd be fine in a couple of weeks.I asked for nothing -- not a ride to the hospital, no hand holding.It's all the things inside that person that makes the difference for me. Their are plenty of others that will date the man.the illness.I'll take the Paul over the!! I doubt I'd put a past illness on my profile..although.would be something I would discuss very soon after e-mailing and probably before meeting with a man.I have done.