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Eichler didn’t immediately return requests for comment.Suzi Owen, a Linked In spokeswoman, said sexual messaging such as that described in the complaint “is prohibited and violates our user agreement, and we investigate and take action when violations are identified.” Despite billing itself as a professional network, unprofessional behavior isn’t a new complaint by users of Linked In.

“That one was definitely the worst and made me think about getting off of Linked In,” Mc Donald, 49, said.

When Doe expressed interest in hearing more, the messages shifted from professional, she alleged. Here’s my number if you wanna play,” wrote Eichler, according to court filings.

He later added that it could be a “late night secret” before sending a graphic photograph, she alleged.

The two met when Doe, at a previous employer, worked on a deal that involved Eichler’s company, Doe said in an interview.

Eichler initially messaged Doe about potential job opportunities.