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Many people began collecting portraits of political figures, actors and actresses, Civil War generals, as well as family and friends.Special photo albums were designed especially for cartes-de-visite.I have a collection of Cabinet Cards and this book helped me learn a lot about them. You can date the photos by paper printed on, type of edging on card, is the printers name embellished or plain, the color of the card.Also pictures of the styles of hair and clothing help identify the age.I highly recommend this book which is truly a quick guide.

In spite of the poor proof reading, I found the book to be very worth while.

I own almost all of the other identification guides available and without a doubt, this book is the most comprehensive and easy to use.

It is very well organized making it easy to identify by different features of the photo (hair style, borders, thickness, props, etc.).

Photography arrived in the United States in 1839 thanks to Samuel F. He returned to the United States to spread the news, and by the end of 1839 some larger cities on the East Coast had very successful portrait studios.

The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material, which enabled it to appear as a positive image.