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Every man has one go-to dish that they have perfected and please believe me they will use that sh! Make You Wanna Have Phone Sex Man, you were too grown for phone sex about ten years ago.But when you hear her voice and she talking all nasty, you gotta whip your d! She’s either out of town or maybe you are, but you gone bus a nut regardless.When the original name "Insufferable Prick" was about to be suggested, he slashed the entry box right in half with a Ninja Sword because he's just way too cool to put up with that kind of bullshit. He has Pesterchum Version 7.0 as opposed to John's 6.0. His Associated Classical Element is Fire, as indicated by his web browser and the weather outside his house, and his Associated Item is Amber.Dave was raised by his Bro who was ectobiologically his father.Instead of eating Doritos you eating granola bars now, trying to get fit just for the bedroom.10.Have You Tivo’ing Her Favorite Shows for When She Comes Over When men want to keep something in their life they become all considerate and sh! Tivo’ing Love and Hip Hop, Scandal, and Single Ladies is a grown man move.

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But you couldn’t possibly stay up to 4am just waiting.Sleeping However to Make Sure She’s Comfortable She could be laying on your arm, yo sh*t fell asleep hours ago, but you know what? ck since 12am to 2am and three fat nuts later yo d! Sometimes you don’t even want to touch it afterwards.You not gone move a f*cking muscle that p*ssy so good, you don’t care how you sleep. You Can Go a Few Extra Rounds Some women don’t think d! However, when the p*ssy is good, you disregard all the signs of chilling out. Have You Getting the Haircut She Likes Most on You You’ve been getting the Ceasar since Junior High. She dug it, she was rubbing yo head all seductively before ya’ll started knocking boots.If she says Jordan could never guard Lebron, you roll with it. Have You Cooking(You Only Got 1 Go-To Dish Though) What did you cook?Most likely it was chicken breasts and broccoli maybe it was asparagus(Benzino style).