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maybe 23 could be a good age i guess and i mean this for both male and female who wants to enter such a scenario.

Yes, I believe that age gap relationships can work.

He said many times that she is all he ever wanted and they get along great. Countless times I have seen men marry much younger women and everyone is fine with that. but slowly it is coming around, i mean you see all these actors and actresses right?

To the ladies out there, I was a typical guy who found older women totally hot, I'm married to one and love being her cub toy boy.My brother was 25 and his wife was 47 when they married 20 years ago and have been happy ever since.There are many celebrities where it is working between an older woman and a younger man, this is my brother, though, not a hollywood story. I'm a guy ( ex military), who chased, pursued and married a much older women.Justin Lehmiller,a social psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University in his blog, the Psychology of Human Sexuality.Based on the findings, AYI Director of Product Insights, Josh Fischer, says men will get more online dating responses if they don’t confine themselves to only connecting with younger women, and women should continue to initiate contact with men they think they will like–especially if they’re younger.