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The link is to the second page which discusses the Wilson T2000 and the Prince Classic.

Go to page 1 of the article for a discussion of wood racquets and page 3 for graphite racquets.

I believe I was in sixth grade and received it for Christmas or my birthday.

I started playing again about two years ago and usually play once or twice each week. Racquetball racquet technology parallels that of tennis racquet technology with an evolution from wood, to metal, to composite, and to larger heads. The museum includes neat older pieces of technology, but not things I actively collect.For now it contains tennis racquets, racquetball racquets, clocks, GPS receivers, audio and video equipment, phones, boats, vacuum cleaners, books and rocks.Quartz watches were not developed until the late 1960s. atomic clock is timed by the decay of Cesium atoms and is accurate to .0000001 seconds. time site for links to other fasinating sites about time history and technology.Even clocks and to watches can keep very accurate time today. This radio controlled alarm clock costs about the same as other alarm clocks at Target and consumes only one watt of power. similar in operation to the radio controlled alarm clock, this clock has a large LCD display which consumes a tiny fraction of the energy consumed by a LED display.