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He told me that his daughter suffers from seizures which are typically managed at home.But the night before our meeting his daughter went ...

Nearby a young family with two children - a boy around 8yo and girl around 4yo - i sensed tension between the parents, Mom was a bit agitated, talking about changes they will have to make in the house, Dad calmly reassuring her.

I was allowed to give lectures on several international voice conferences about the subject. Thank you for your enormous contribution for those suffering from trauma.

I was wondering if you know of any research that provides some insight on one's nervous systems susceptibility to trauma?

After a bit, the father approached to ask me about your book - apparently the title caught his eye.

After giving my best brief overview, I ended by mentioning the remarkable connection with the middle ear and the importance of music and voice. He informed me that he is a physical therapist but his inteest was even more personal.