Bowwow and ciara dating

RESPECTIVE HEIGHTS: 5'7" & 5'9"/6'1" COMPLEX SAYS: Rushdie made one of the biggest downgrades ever when he got divorced from his fourth wife, Padma Lakshmi, and started dating the much taller—but way less hot—"actress" Pia Glenn.

RESPECTIVE HEIGHTS: 5'7" & 5'11"/5'9" COMPLEX SAYS: Probably the most famous example of a dude who wifes chicks who are too tall for him.

Carla is known for her long list of lovers, and for breaking up Mick Jagger's marriage.

Plus she once claimed to be "bored with monogamy." However, maybe Carla needs to keep an eye on Nic.

That may or may not be related to him being bat-shit crazy.

Maybe he's just seeking the giant embrace of L. RESPECTIVE HEIGHTS: 2'8" & 5'6"/5'6" COMPLEX SAYS: Along with being the world's shortest man, an actor, and a recovering alcoholic, your boy Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer is also a pimp.

But in 1796, it was also the day Napoléon Bonaparte married his first wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Although Napoleon's true height has become a subject of recent debate, the fact that a Napoleon Complex is named after him, we're going to go ahead and say that even in a recession we got money stacks taller than him.

Needless to say, everyone remembers when we were rooting for Ciara and Bow Wow, that’s very old news now.

But today we look to others to paint us a picture of the star and the others are Bow Wow’s daughter and the other women in his life. See also: Lil Wayne’s Teeth, Dreads, Baby Mamas And Girlfriend It’s hard to believe that Bow Wow has a five year old, considering the fact that not so long ago he was Lil Bow Wow to us.

We are here to make you believers though, not that it would take a lot of effort considering that we have seen the pictures, the resemblance and we have witnessed the drama.

It's either that, or she was just trying to constantly remind Jermaine how much more famous, successful, and talented she was than him. COMPLEX SAYS: Marty has been known to cast beautiful women in his films, some of whom wouldn't dwarf him, but when you're 5'4" and have been married five times, best believe some of your lovers will have a few inches on you. RESPECTIVE HEIGHTS: 5'5" & 5'9" COMPLEX SAYS: Sarkozy channeled his inner-Napoleon when he went and wifed up singer/model Carla Bruni.

Props to Sarkozy for bagging someone way out of his league, but he needs to watch out.