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I didn’t think to wonder how a visually impaired person might text as prolifically as he did or how or why he was sending images. These things don’t happen to me, certainly not in Plain Vanilla Fairfield County. ) We spoke of everything and nothing at all, not afraid to dig in deep and skip right over the superficial bullshit. As he reached over to get the door for me I noticed that he was carrying an expensive shopping bag — the same Barney’s bag I had seen in photographs.I asked him and learned that he was shopping for me. I wondered how Carrie might have handled the situation. A week had passed and plans were made to meet up at one restaurant for drinks before heading over to one of my favorites just down the street. I found him seated in a booth with a magnificent view of the river. When we got to our second location he retrieved the bag and presented me with the signature shoe box.I wondered how on earth would a blind person see something so small? We got a table outside, but in retrospect inside might have been better. I wondered if that was the reason he had initially asked me to email and not call him.

The world is different when you’re solo, especially when you’ve been paired off for a better part of your life. (Do single women have some sort of radar that only creepy men can sense?

I haphazardly tossed the card in my bag and headed to the car and didn’t think much of it again until a few days later when I remembered that it was at the bottom of my bag. The phone call would turn into several, in addition to numerous texts and eventually a date.

The events that unfolded were odd, bizarre and sometimes surreal.

Because we wouldn’t see each other again until the following week we spoke often on the phone and texted a fair amount.

We talked openly about failed relationships, marriages and our childhoods.

Blind guy driving blind dating