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Essentially, the Life Cam Cinema is a step above the most basic HD-3000, its still only a 720p camera but adds in some extra features found in higher end webcams to help improve the experience, mainly image quality.

The Microsoft Life Cam Cinema ranges from to and is a mid-level webcam.

The HD-3000 is great if you just need something to get the job done, but don’t plan on making any detailed product presentations, and would be a great buy for anyone that is budget concerned.

A perfect, cheap solution for those quick long distance check ins, maybe for managing remote workers with quick project updates or daily meetings.

While more of a marketing term, Microsoft does ensure the Life Cam is Skype Certified so you won’t have any compatibility issues to worry about, and the 720p picture – while not anything to write home about – will be decent enough for simple 1:1 video calls.

If you are really after the bare bones, and the most basic approach to a webcam available this camera makes sense.

Or if your business isn’t quite there just yet, take a look at our guide on migrating your existing solution to Skype for Business.

Don’t expect this little guy to capture your entire board room in massive detail, but this camera could be a great choice not only for those one on one calls, but even teams that frequently make small group video calls or even basic presentations.Whether you are upgrading to a standalone camera over your Mac Book Pro’s built in webcam, or adding one to your ancient work computer – USB webcams of today have come a long way from where they once were.Generally under 0, webcams are the most cost effective all-in-one solutions, and one of the best ways to compliment a free web conferencing plan if your team is budget concerned.While still on the more cost sensitive side, the Life Cam Cinema includes auto focus to help keep everything in the shot clear even when objects are moving around, a glass lens improvement over the HD’s plastic lens, and a better noise-cancelling microphone.The Life Cam also adds support for some more advanced features like auto image-processing to help keep everything clear even in low-light conditions as well as True Color technology to help control exposure.