Armory page not updating

I've tried logging in and out etc, other characters on my account are updating fine, it just appears to be this one.Also the mobile app has some serious issues, not sure if they are with i OS 6 or the update to Wo W but the thing crashes every 30 seconds so you cannot use it. The level ten error is the generic one, so it can at times be inaccurate.

Also, since this is untested, it’s possible we have to update something on our end. While it's possible changing your password would help, you'll probably just have to wait.As for the application, did you install that before or after updating to i OS 6?Was an alt of mine that replied, so I will reply with my UPDATED character ;)I have tried to find the thread but I can´t seem to find it!I should have bookmarked it but alas thinking about it afterwards won´t help.