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Mike I have an older SCCM 2007 that is in the boundary group, but the PXE is not point to that server.

My IP HELPER is point to my new SCCM 2012 R2 server for PXE.

I would assume you already did that for standard PXE booting.) If there's no issues with which DP is in use, then I'd say remove the DP completely and then add it back again and configure it as required.

I am trying to run an OSD to a bare metal to a new Dell Latitude 7370 using a PXE boot via USB docking station.

I successful boot to Win PE, but U get an error "This computer is not registered with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2" This is the first Latitude 7370 I am trying.

I have read a few things online, but no real resolution.

Keep in mind that SCCM uses WDS behind the scenes for PXE booting, and thus indirectly has the same limitations for machine matching.