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A card to give CDTV four million colours and ability to display 22 pic- lures per second is to be launched soon and the manufacturer forecasts total German sales of little more than 4, 000 will Increase to 20,000 by I he end of the year.AMI Shows were pleased about the attendance of several English games houses which included Gremlin Graphics, Psygnosis and Virgin Games.ASSISTANT wratidr Madduck GROUP AO MANAGER Cowiy SENIOR AD SALES Sue Horafolri ADSALLS Dwbys^iirii Samonleft Eulh Priesiifv AD PRODUCTION Maitvi Fitzgerald MAKKi EINGi MANAGER . ANAGEE Dsvwi Wnen DISTRIBUTION COMAC f OKSi 4441)55 PROOICTON MANAGES Sue Cantiill SYSTEMS MA-MAGEI tokf Slewarl Published by luno^rnss Pu Wkatiom ltd Eumpa House, Adlinglon P Afk, Macde^ldd, SK10 4NP REGULARS Amiga Newsline Commodore to launch console -beating Amiga cut-down.I upps Ors H 1 ri 4 l-i-H Hil-i ►PH IH M 44 IM #i 4 M 4 M‘i t P"!Plugs into 00 scuto in^de y^ur Amiga ' INTERFACE 5: A/B2Q0Q ta-proeesaaf (Zewtd IIJ card (to &500CMQ on!*) A5000-16 (Price includes 1Mb RAM) B5000-25 (Price includes f.\tb fi A \l) B5 000-40 (Price inchutes 4Mb RAM} Amliffl (m FEATURES EDITOR P-Sj| Austin NEWS EDFTOR Min Butters TKHMCAl EDFTOR: Stew Kennedy PRODUCTION EDFTOR Pfiii- GAMES EDETOR jlian Bojmnan STAFF WRITER Odni Bl Whitehead EDHORl Al .Phoenix have developed a range of RAM expansion units specifically for the new A50D Plus.

This specialist product is only available from Digital Vision who can be contacted in the UK on 0920 444294, Amiga sales up in Germany NEARLY IRQ firms from around the globe had stands at the Koln Messe for the recent Amiga J 91 show and organiser AMI Shows forecast 60,000 visitors were going to pass through the four halls during the three days.


The A500 Plus can only be expanded to 2 Mb of chip RAM using the trap door expansion port.

In common with the English division* Jost predicts a massive growth in multimedia in the near future and was selling the Amiga as the most suitable computer for that role.

CPTV featured quite heavily at Cologne and Commodore expected SO titles would be available for the machine by the end of 1991, most heading from the UK.

1938 dating guide for single women pbh3